Contraception and Sexual Health Services

Our specialist family planning nurses and doctors will advise you on the best method of contraception for you.

We provide a full range of contraception services including the provision of the pill, condoms and the fitting of the contraceptive implant and a full range of coils.

Free condoms available to anyone aged 13 -24

РRequest an appointment with a C-Card worker.
– During your appointment you will discuss some sexual health issues with a C-Card worker in private.
– You give your date of birth and part of your postcode, (we will never contact you using this information). We will then give you a C-Card and a selection of condoms.
– Whenever you want condoms, visit any C-Card issue point or registration point.
– Show your C-Card and indicate which types of condoms and lube you want, by name, colour or number. You can choose a mixture of 12 items.
– Your C-Card is marked every time you use it.
– Use your card 6 times if 16 or over, 3 times if aged 13 to 15. After this, return to any C-Card registration Point for a chat and to get your card renewed.
– When you visit the C-Card point, be sure to check out if they offer any other sexual health services.
  • 12 condoms/lube of your choice are given out in each C-Card pack, along with information about the C-Card scheme, and instructions on how to use a condom effectively.
  • Should you need dams or female condoms please ask for them at the C-Card point as they may have them available.