Patient Participation Group

Please see the minutes from our last meeting:

The next meeting of the PPG is being arranged and we are planning for this to take place during the day to encourage new members to attend. Details will be confirmed soon.

Members of the Patient Participation Group

We have a number of members who would be delighted to speak to anyone interested in joining the group. These include:

Vera Dale – Chairman

Beverly Bulmer – Member

Tony Crouch- Member

Lucy McLean – Secretary and Practice Manager

If you would like to contact our PPG, please use our online form.

The patient participation group (PPG) was set up in October 2009. The PPG aims to support the doctors and staff, by providing a patient voice into the decision making and development of the practice. The government wants patients to have more involvement in how healthcare is delivered and the PPG helps provide this involvement. The PPG meets every 6-8 weeks.

Attleborough Surgeries PPG looks at 4 main areas:

  • Consulting with the practice, on service development and provision.
  • Providing feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests.
  • Assisting the flow of information between the practice and the community (and vice versa) which may affect healthcare provision.
  • Examining other ways in which patients could have a say in the organisation of their healthcare.

Patient Reference Group

Additionally, the practice has set up a patient reference group (PRG). This is a group of patients who have agreed that they are happy to be contacted by email, on an infrequent basis to give views and feedback on a range of issues, including practice surveys.

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email, please register online.

We will be in touch shortly after we receive your form. Please note that no medical information or questions will be responded to.