Our Telehealth System

We would encourage you to use our Telehealth equipment (the ‘Pod’) situated in an enclosed area in both Station Road and Queens Square waiting areas. It can be used to check blood pressure, weight and record a variety of other health information.

The Long Term Disease Management (LTDM) clinics have been running very successfully for many years now. We extend the use of the Telehealth machines to support this process and hence encourage patients to record, for example, blood pressure as part of their hypertension annual reviews and follow-up blood pressure monitoring.

The system will guide you through the process and could save either a doctor or nurse the time needed to do this for you. The results go straight into your medical notes on our clinical IT system.

  • If you should unfortunately, find yourself having to wait for an appointment, please use the ‘Pod’ to record information about yourself and also to gain useful feedback.